I got my first camera when I was six years old.
It was a disposable Kodak. I shot 24 pictures, and when I got them printed I was so proud of myself and of my first pics - although they were undeniably awful.
Now I am nineteen years old. And I have decided who I want to become as a grown-up: a photographer.
I have been taking pictures for my whole life, choosing any subject I believed was worth taking pictures of. My camera has become an extension of my body, I could not think of myself without it.
I have taken pictures of any beautiful view I ran into, of any interesting person I came across, of any meaningless detail I found meaningful.
I am exploring the world of photography, which I do not know well enough yet. I am experimenting every photographic genre. I have always been interested in naturalistic pictures and macro shots, since to me they represent the essence of photography: they require patience and the ability to choose the right “shooting-moment”. However, lately I have put myself out there on portraits and street life as well. And I’ve liked it. I do enjoy working with people: it makes both me and them grow, get more in touch with ourselves, discover something new about us and our small worlds.
I love starting a new project, getting a new task: I put all of my energy and passion in it. I dedicate most of my leisure time to organize shooting, find proper locations, look for information, prepare and figure out my shots.
Since the first time I used my mini Kodak camera, I have tried lots of different photographic processes and tools. Now I am shooting with a Nikon D3200 provided of an 18-55 mm, an 18-140 mm, and a 55-300 mm lenses. I usually realize portraits with a 50 mm Yongnuo lens.

​I would not define photography a hobby, it means much more to me: photography is a way to explore and express my interior world. Photography is my project of life.

I do hope you’ll enjoy my pics!




Teresa Caini
Via Agucchi, 109
40133 - Bologna (BO)




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